If you don’t indulge in a podcast series . . . you’re simply missing out. However, you most likely know someone who regularly listens because one of the 16 MILLION consider themselves to be “avid podcast listener”. In the past decade, Podcasts have become a cultural phenomenon. An astounding 124 million people in the U.S. alone have listened to at least one of the 18.5 million episodes that are available. The podcast trend has exploded and there are no signs of it disappearing as the percentage of the population that listen to podcasts is globally rising.


The Term Podcast


The word “podcast” was first officially mentioned in a 2004 Guardian Newspaper article that was discussing the popular new form of media. Ben Hammersley used the term “pod” from Apple’s “iPod” and the term “cast” from the word “broadcast.”


iPod + Broadcast = Podcast


What Is A Podcast?


In order to grasp the concept of a podcast, you should think of it as “internet radio.” It is an audio file or mix between an audio and video file that can be downloaded onto a computer or mobile device. Typically, podcasts are a series of episodes ranging in length, on average from fifteen to sixty minutes long. Podcasts series range in topics from, sports, news, entertainment… you name it there are multiple podcast series covering it. Podcast episodes are usually free and can be listened to at the individual’s own leisure.  Unlike other forms of media, podcasts have “casting” ability meaning that RRS (Real Simple Syndication) subscribers are automatically notified when a new show has been released. This leads to higher retention and increased listener loyalty.


Benefits of Creating a Podcast:


Listening to podcasts can be both entertaining and informative. However, creating a podcast can be beneficial for your brand and business. Here are some reasons you should consider creating a podcast:


Traffic Generation:


  • Creating a podcast can help you reach new audiences.
  • Creating a new audience will help increase your followers on other media platforms.
  • You can tailor your show to appeal to your TARGET audience.
  • Podcast listeners are a valuable demographic. (Most Podcast Listeners are LOYAL, AFFLUENT, and EDUCATED).


Business Development:


  • Reach more qualified prospects.
  • Opportunity to host guests and build valuable relationships.
  • Networking opportunities with other industry experts.


Brand Development:


  • The platform acts as a way to solidify your personal brand or companies brand in the marketplace.
  • Gives you and your brand a personality that helps set you apart.
  • More exposure for your brand or business. (Acts as a form of marketing.)
  • Podcasts give you the ability to have a voice and be heard. (Audiences are more receptive to audio/ video compared to traditional articles.)
  • Builds valuable rapport with your audience.


Creating a podcast series can be extremely beneficial for your business and brand, not to mention it is fun!


What’s stopping you?