During the time in which I interned at Scotch & Ramen, I went from having a very basic understanding of what they do to having a fairly in-depth understanding of what they do. Also, I developed a lot of skills which I never learned while in my classes, an example of which is learning how to use a monopod. Yes, I know that seems like something that would be simple to learn and all that, which it was, but I had never even touched one before using it to film some B-roll while at Scotch & Ramen.

While interning, I mostly worked on post-production.  I enjoyed this quite a bit because out of pre-production, production, and post-production . . .  I enjoy post-production the most. This experience also helped improve my skills in Adobe’s After Effects. In class, we were told to create our own template and honestly, that was not very helpful for most of us, me included. But when I was with Scotch & Ramen, I had the opportunity to work on some intros and outros which taught me how to successfully use and apply templates.

The people at Scotch & Ramen were very welcoming. When I had a question, they answered it in a clear way. The time spent at Scotch & Ramen taught me that with the right team you can do just about everything. In class, we are put into groups and the end result is not always great and most of the time it is your own fault because you didn’t adjust. Agility is key and Scotch & Ramen taught me that.


With the Scotch & Ramen team that JD put together, I believe that they can go far in the industry.  I want to thank every member of the Scotch & Ramen team for letting me be their intern/practicum student.  I wish them all the best down the line.


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