Here at Scotch & Ramen Media, Inc., video is a HUGE part of what we do. While it’s something we love doing and also something we’re super passionate about, that’s not the only reason we’re doing this. The real reason we produce videos is because we know that today’s consumers want video content.


It really is that simple!


But, as always, the proof is in the pudding. Don’t take our word for it — let’s see what the numbers say and try to decipher what they mean for your 2019 small business marketing strategy.


The 10 Video Marketing Stats You Need To Know

1. Cisco has projected that by 2021 — less than two years from now — more than 80% of all Internet traffic will be video. This basically means that if you want visibility online two years from now, you’re going to have to get on board with video content.


2. As of today, there is more video content uploaded every single month than the cumulative amount that aired on the major U.S. television networks over the past 30 years. This shows the sheer volume of video content being created and demonstrates why it’s so important to ensure your brand is heard through the noise.


3. On a monthly basis, the technology and professional services industries are the ones publishing the highest volume of new videos. These same two industries tend to keep their content short, with the majority of their videos under 2-minutes long. Does this mean they know something the rest of us don’t? Perhaps.


4. In order to keep up with consumer demand of video throughout the customer lifecycle, businesses are increasing their investments in both in-house and outsourced video content. The good news here is that if you don’t have the ability (or the desire) to create videos yourself, it’s super-easy to get help from a branding and marketing agency like us.


5. 90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions and 64% of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy. This confirms that video is what today’s consumers want and shows it’s exactly what they need to be pushed along that sales journey.


6. Over the last year, the number of businesses using video on their landing pages has increased from 49% to 60% — and that’s probably because it’s been shown to increase conversions by 80%! Video is not just a marketing tactic, but a very strong and impactful sales tool as well.


7. Videos that are shorter than a minute and a half see an average retention rate of 59%, while longer videos (30 minutes or more) retain only 14% of viewers. Your videos don’t have to be too long — in fact, shorter is best!


8. Websites and social media platforms are the most common distribution channels for videos, and the most common ones produced are product videos, demos, and explainers. People want to be educated and video is often their preferred method to learn new things.


9. Video use in sales conversations has increased from 25% to 37%, further demonstrating video’s essential role in the sales funnel.  


10. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, so remember that when you’re producing — can people watch your videos without sound?



So, the point of the story here is this — video has become THE most powerful way to connect with your audience. And, it’s here to stay. You can try to fight it, but you’re just going to get left behind.


Consumers want to be marketed to through video, it really is just that simple. Video marketing works because it’s what today’s consumers want.


If you need help with branded video, check us out.