Here at Scotch & Ramen Media, Inc., we believe in giving back. We’re a grateful bunch of people around here — we literally each take a moment to share something we’re feeling grateful for in our Monday meetings. Our fearless leader and founder, JD, is already known for being over-the-top nice (just ask Communo’s CEO Ryan Gill!), but we all felt compelled to do more. What I’m getting at here is that there’s something special that happens when a group of people can get together and be creative on their own terms, and in this case, that something special has turned into our very first pro bono program.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our charitable initiative, Scotch & Ramen ON THE HOUSE.  We are dedicated to working with a non-profit every quarter, FREE OF CHARGE, to help make a greater impact on the world.

Feeling blessed to do what you do every day means you have the opportunity to give back, and we’ve chosen to give back in the best way we know how — and that’s rocking out creative, full-blown marketing campaigns.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to give back and to donate big bucks to charity, so we’re not suggesting that we’re somehow special. But what we think IS special is the way we’ve decided to approach this. We all got to thinking: what can we do to give back? How can we ensure what we do has the most possible impact and reach? 

And then it hit us — what if we could take an organization that’s already doing amazing things and help them to do even more? What if we took a non-profit company and treated them like an A-list client, and gave them the tools and support they needed to expand their reach?

That’s when the stars aligned and Scotch & Ramen ON THE HOUSE was born. It’s our A-list treatment and dedication, minus the bill.

Starting this month, we’ve committed to taking on one pro-bono case each quarter. These will be passion projects that we treat just like every other relationship — only the organization won’t be paying us a cent. We’ve already started working with our first client, and we’ll share an update on how that’s going so far later this week.

Right now, we’re continuing the hunt for organizations and causes that have the potential to reach and impact people on a massive scale. We want to partner with founders who are as passionate as we are about serving others and giving back but just aren’t in the financial position to pay for professional marketing, branding, and design.

Applications for our Q2 ON THE HOUSE slot are now open, but only until March 1, 2019. Think your organization is the right fit for this initiative? We’re accepting applications for Q2 now!

And don’t forget — sharing is caring. PLEASE share this post with your network to ensure as many non-profit organizations as possible see this incredible opportunity!