When done properly, your website has the power to propel your business forward. But, designing a phenomenal website isn’t easy — especially when you’re just starting out. But, there are some major elements that even web designers are getting wrong today.

I wanted to share with you FOUR major yet common design mistakes that businesses continue to make with their websites today. These are simple yet powerful tweaks every business should make to increase their conversions and keep their customers coming back.

Mistake #1: You’re not using your images the right way

We all know how important images are when it comes to websites and marketing in general, but the truth is, a lot of us are using our images the wrong way. Arbitrarily placing images throughout your content, for the sake of having something visual, just isn’t effective.

If you want your images to have impact and not get ignored, try these things:

  • Try not to use ONLY stock photos. Invest in attaining real, authentic images of your own assets, people, and business to use on your site.
  • Always give people the option to view a larger version of your product images.
  • Countless studies have shown that when your images include humans, people are more likely to follow the gaze of the individual in your image — you can take advantage of this by positioning your images with that user flow in mind.

Mistake #2: You’re not respecting the reality of sensory adaptation

We’re always trying to figure out what color our CTA button should be — red or orange? While countless studies prove what colors perform best, there is one crucial element that comes studies neglect to take into account — and that, my friend, is sensory adaptation.

Regardless of what color you select for your critical CTA features, it’s absolutely essential that your website is not already full of that color. So let’s say that your research is telling you that you should use orange for your CTA’s. But, your logo and branding include a whole bunch of orange, too. This is where you need to stop and recognize that the rules of orange are not going to apply to you. The orange CTA’s will not stand out — they will simply be lost in a sea of orange.

So when you’re considering colors for your critical CTA’s, don’t blindly follow the research. Take into account the existing colors on your site to ensure you’re avoiding this problem.

Mistake #3: You’re not incorporating social proof into your design elements

In a world where social proof is everything, it’s a major mistake to not build those opportunities and elements into the design of your website and other marketing materials. This psychological phenomenon is real and all businesses should be leveraging its power. When people can see how many other happy customers you have, it makes them want to become one, too.

Here are the best ways to build these elements into your design framework:

  • Use a tracker on your website that automatically updates your number of customers, users, etc.
  • Build in a spot for your most recent (and best) user reviews
  • Develop an automated system to obtain customer testimonials, and have a place for those on your website that is easily accessible and continually updated.

Mistake #4: Every redesign or change you make is drastic

You see it in the headlines constantly — Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter made a BIG change and everyone is losing their minds. The reality here is that as humans, we are averse to change. We don’t like it. So if you want to make changes to your site, or do a redesign when you already have a customer base, take baby steps.

If you want to make changes without making waves, makes your updates in a gradual and iterative manner. Your customers want consistency and they demand a website that is intuitive and easy to use. If you’re constantly making them think too hard and re-learn how to do things, you risk alienating them and ultimately losing them.


Try incorporating these 4 design elements into your website design practices, and see how they impact your conversions!