Content marketing is now a key component of any digital marketing strategy, but it’s also one of the top ways companies are building out their brands.

We all know by now that the whole point of content marketing is to provide value. It’s about taking a customer-centric approach and positioning your business as a valuable resource and thought-leader in your industry. Content marketing is about marketing to consumers in the exact way they want to be marketed to — this means empowering and educating them through your content. You’re using content to build the know, like, and trust factor so that when buying time finally arrives, you are the obvious choice.

But how does all this apply to branding?

Turns out, content marketing is a surefire way to create, build, and define your brand — you just need to do it the right way. Branding isn’t easy and it’s one of the major challenges all growing businesses face on a daily basis. But uncovering a way to become a valuable part of your target audience’s day is the name of the game, and it’s what you need to accomplish if you expect to see a return on this investment.


Today, I’m going to share with you the 3 things you need to do if you want your content to do double-duty as a brand-building tool.

The 3 Vs to using content marketing to build your brand



If you want to create content that is consistent and on brand, you need to start with defining what your vision — your why — is. By this point, you’ve likely created a company vision or mission statement. That should direct the why of your business, but you need to take this one more step to align this vision with your customer needs.


Let’s use Scotch & Ramen as an example here for clarity. We know that our mission is to help established businesses take it to the next level through branding and marketing. But how do we align that with the type of content we create? We need to ensure that everything we create serves our ideal audience and gives them something they need. In our case, we have chosen to create content that is designed to help empower, educate, and inspire our target market. All of our content is created in this spirit to ensure our vision remains clear and defined.



Creating content that maximizes your company’s perceived value will not only give your customers a better user experience but help to increase customer retention. The “making yourself valuable” part of content marketing means giving users what they want and need through your content and positioning your brand as a value-add to their lives. It’s important that you don’t just pump out content that may or may not be deemed as valuable, but take the time to clearly define how your company will position itself as a valuable resource. A key component of this will be understanding your customers and genuinely knowing what they will have a need for throughout their various stages of the buying cycle.


Some of the easiest ways to do this through content creation include creating blogs, white papers, and tutorials that show people how to use your products and help them to leverage every possible feature. Value-based content is what will push your customer interactions from transaction-based to relationship-based, which is also a primary driver of customer loyalty.



Last, but certainly not least, it’s time to define your content’s voice. Authenticity and personality are essential if you want your brand to become memorable or even just get noticed in the first place. The key is to ensure that your brand voice is consistent, both internally and externally. Often, this is where brands miss the mark and neglect to create a consistent brand voice that is honored in public but also behind closed doors.


A distinctive brand voice that pushes certain traits will give your company the ability to create a clearly defined voice, but you need to ensure that every single member of your company is well aware of this and capable of staying on brand. Even freelancers who only handle the occasional project must be able to create work that stays on brand.



Content marketing is here to stay, and it’s going to become even more important as we move into the future. We’ve said the same thing about branding, and it’s clear to us here at Scotch & Ramen that the REAL magic happens when you strategically employ both branding and content marketing to give your customers what they need in a voice that’s strong enough to remember.