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As a full-service media agency, our team is comprised of social media mavens, graphic design gurus, public relations pros, digital marketing masters, content-creating superstars, and website development wizards. Our team brings an unprecedented amount of experience and personality to the table.

  • Complete Branding Packages
  • Website Design
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Print Collateral

Branding & Design

We give your company a strong voice. This includes research, discovery, design, and implementation.
Your brand isn’t about your logo or the colors on your website. It’s how people feel when they interact with your company - it’s what they say about you when you’re not in the room. Creating a brand for your business that is powerful enough to deeply connect with your customers is what our team specializes in. We take the time to do our homework and approach every single project with our proven process to creating a strong, solid brand identity. If you need a website concept designed, a complete branding package, marketing materials for social media or print, or all of the above, we can deliver. Our team will work diligently with your team to ensure your brand voice is heard loud and clear through any and all work that we do.

  • Complete Video Production
  • On-Site Filming
  • Editing & Script Writing

Branded Video

If you want to your company to get noticed and leave an irresistible impression, there’s no better way.
If you’re paying attention to trends and predictions, you’re well aware of how important online video is today. Social media platforms and search engines are giving video content more and more weight every single day, and this trend isn’t going to change anytime soon. Branded video will boost your conversions and sales, help your brand build trust, and engage your audience in a way you never thought possible. Businesses today are using their own branded video for organic reach, social media, email marketing, paid advertising, and more. That’s the beauty of your own videos - they just keep giving. Our team of creative experts will work with your organization throughout this entire process. From ideation and script-writing to filming and editing, we’ve got everything you need to bring ideas to fruition.

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • User-Friendly Back-End
  • High Performance

Web Development

Need a site built from scratch or improved? Strategy, UI, UX, wireframing … we’re on it.
Our skilled web developers can take a beautiful design concept and turn it into a reality. Our websites are high-performing, accessible, and display beautifully on all screens and in any web browser. We prioritize the end user’s experience to ensure your website delivers exactly what you need it to. But, we don’t stop there. With careful planning and hard work, even the most elaborate and complex web development projects can be built so they are easy to maintain and update as time goes on. We deliver projects on budget, on time, and will ensure your website is properly maintained and kept bug-free. Whether it’s a brand new site or an upgrade, we can handle ANYTHING you throw at us. We can work with your existing design concept, or have our in-house designer create one for you. Our team will work collaboratively with your team to ensure your vision is turned into a polished, high-functioning website that gives your business a competitive advantage.

  • Digital, Social Media, & Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Analytical Reporting

Digital Marketing & Analytics

We are experts in SEO, SEM, social media, inbound, outbound, digital and email marketing.  
The umbrella of digital marketing is massive, and it's our job to pick through the noise and figure out what channels are going to meet your organizational goals. We will work with you to create a comprehensive strategy and plan that will meet your short-term and long-term marketing goals. We start with doing the work to understand who your customers are and determine the best channels to get in front of them. We will create the strategy, and execute it for you. Our advanced reporting and analytics provide complete transparency and give us the data we need to test, tweak, and make improvements throughout your campaigns. Our team is comprised of experienced experts in all things digital marketing. This includes search engine optimization, search engine marketing, lead generation, social media marketing, inbound and outbound marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising.

  • Website Copy
  • Blogging & Email Copy
  • Visual Content

Content Creation

Our team of writers, video editors, and designers can create anything you (or we) dream up.
A core component of anything your business needs to create online is content. Creating content is the name of the game in today’s digital landscape, and keeping up with the demand is no small task. Our team includes professional copywriters, copy editors, video editors, and graphic designers who can take any idea from dream to reality.Whether it’s a comprehensive blogging strategy, email marketing campaign, or social media strategy, our team of skilled copywriters can create the content your business needs. We’ve got the experience to create memorable content that will bring massive value to your business.Our diverse team of experts can create whatever written, visual, and video content you need to execute on your marketing strategy.

  • Awareness Building & Media Outreach
  • Event Scheduling
  • Crisis Management

Public Relations & Reputation Management

We’ve got the skills and contacts to make your brand shine when it matters most.
We’ve got a proven process to get our clients the media and influencer exposure they need, when they need it. Our public relations and copy experts work together to create the strategy and content for any release to ensure each and every opportunity is optimized. Outreach can come in several forms, and it’s our job to figure out what channels are best-suited to meet your needs. We work diligently on your behalf to create relationships with press, media outlets, influencers, and potential partners. The goal is to build mutually beneficial relationships between your business and outside allies. Public relations should be part of any holistic marketing and branding campaign, as it’s one of the most effective ways to build trust and brand recognition. Our team of experts can manage every step of this process for you.

  • Current Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Customer & Market Research

Research & Consulting

Something needs to change. You know you’re missing opportunities. Let us figure it out for you.
A comprehensive marketing strategy is essential if you want to do more than just survive in today’s competitive market. A solid strategy will help you increase sales, develop your brand, improve customer loyalty, and grow your customer base. Our team of experts will work together to complete a comprehensive analysis of your current plan, website, and other collateral. We will help you define and understand your target market, research your competitors, and determine what channels your business needs to leverage to be visible to the right people.Our systematic approach will provide your business with a solid action plan to implement. We can complete a current analysis, create a comprehensive marketing strategy, or do both.

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We are NOT growth hackers. We are a compilation of experts who have built processes with proven success, and we’ve got the case studies to prove it.

Who We Are

About Us

Every media agency has some claim to fame or a reason they think they’re better than the other guys. What sets Scotch & Ramen Media apart? What makes us so dang special? That’s an easy answer. It’s us – our people.


Turns out, we all really, really like each other. Do you know what happens when a team of experts comes together to work cohesively on every single project? Magic – and I’m talking rainbows and unicorns here.

Our team consists of people who are committed, passionate, driven, knowledgeable, and genuinely excited to be working together. When you bring experience, passion, and cohesiveness into each and every project, baby unicorns are born.

If you value working with real people who will treat your business like it’s their own, and have fun while doing it, you’ve come to the right place. The Scotch & Ramen experience is like no other. Our team becomes an extension of your organization and together we will knock it out of the park.

In addition to being a cohesive team of well-rounded experts that will dedicate themselves to your cause, we’ll also promise to always be transparent and honest with you. We’ll tell you what you need to hear, even if it’s not what you want to hear. We will deliver work that is exceptionally creative and have the systems in place to ensure there’s a seamless process integration between our organization and yours.


Edgy. Cultured. Innovative. Collaborative. Honest. Detail-oriented. Experienced.

JD Gagnon


After running several successful startups and businesses, JD founded Scotch & Ramen Media in 2017. With a background in digital, social, and ecommerce marketing, he saw there was a major gap in the marketplace for medium sized companies who needed the in-house experience from an outside team. Passionate about processes, systems, and optimization, he is the champion of this carefully selected team of marketing and branding experts.

Steph Stonecipher


Stephanie was born and raised in Indiana, which is where she spends the time between her travels and adventures. In her early thirties, she returned to Indiana University at Bloomington to obtain a second university degree. She then spent years living in England and working in London as a Media Analyst. She specializes in Global Branding, Trends, Predictions, and Public Relations at Scotch & Ramen Media, Inc.

In her free time, Stephanie enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking and napping. She is currently trying to relearn and perfect the French language (it’s not going very well) and she has a never-ending obsession with current events, pop culture, breaking news, and weather.

Carly Knight-Singer

Relationship Rockstar

Carly is a born and raised Calgarian, which explains her passion for the city. She attributes her strong work ethic and drive to being a dedicated athlete from a young age. For over 10 years she was a competitive equestrian athlete competing in numerous international competitions. After retiring from her sport, Carly attended Marymount University in Los Angeles and later graduated from University of Calgary with a Degree in Communications and a Minor in Business Management. Her background in communications and marketing paired with her passion for people makes her the perfect fit for the Scotch & Ramen team. In her free time Carly loves spending time with her dog Tarzan, working out, going to movies, and trying new restaurants.


Steven Aldous

Website Warrior

Living up in the mossy woods of Mt. Baker, Steven has been building responsive and ADA compliant websites for more than three years. Steven makes sure his code is always well-commented and builds components to make them easy to update and maintain, something he takes great pride in. When a new challenge is put in front of him, he gets excited to learn new skills and ALWAYS finds a solution. When Steven is not behind a keyboard, you can find him pedaling a bike (road or mountain), snowboarding, camping, or hiking with his wife and beagle.

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Giving Back

Are you a non-profit in need of branding and marketing? Scotch & Ramen believes in giving back, and we want to do it in the best way we know how.

Starting in January 2019, we’ve committed to taking on one pro-bono case each quarter. These will be passion projects that we treat just like every other relationship, only the organization won’t be paying us a cent.

We’re looking for organizations and causes that have the potential to reach and impact people on a massive scale. We want to partner with others who are as passionate as we are about serving others and giving back, but aren’t in the financial position to seek help.

If you’re an individual, company, or charity who fits this bill, you can apply below.

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